Emergency and Urgent Eye Appointments


At Moreton Eye Group we understand that not all eye problems can wait until a doctor’s diary is free.  We try hard to accommodate sudden and acute eye problems and know that some eye conditions can get worse quickly if not seen and treated in a timely manner.  In particular we are aware that retinal detachment (significant flashes, floaters and problems with vision), uveitis and scleritis (inflamed and light sensitive eyes with reduced vision) and corneal infections (painful red eyes especially in contact lens wearers) all can benefit from prompt medical or surgical treatment.

If you think you need an urgent appointment you should get an urgent referral from an optometrist, general practitioner, emergency doctor or other specialist.  They will be able to guide us and help establish which of our team of specialist doctors is best placed to see you and how quickly your condition requires attention.

Our doctors strive to make space to see urgent and acute cases.