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The Practice

Moreton Eye Group is owned and run by a practicing ophthalmic surgeon, and has been for the last 30 years.  This means that the excellence of clinical and surgical results is at the heart of the practice, and has been throughout this time.  Dr Hay-Smith and his team ensure that the highest of clinical standards and the most up to date practices are observed at all 3 sites, and in particular our “in-house” day surgery where we have complete control over the whole surgical process, from initial consultation through to successful treatment.

The practice is small enough to make every patient special.  It is large enough to have the very latest equipment and excellent staff.  Being surgeon-owned and run we continuously audit our outcomes and benchmark them to exacting national and international standards (with many of our surgeons are in their own right members of prestigious international surgical societies such as the European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons).  As a result we can state that Moreton Eye Group compares most favorably with the highest of international standards.  You can be assured of excellent care, with a low risk of less than perfect outcomes.

The surgeons are supported by a team of superb and experienced theatre and clinic nurses.  At the practice you will also benefit from our highly qualified and knowledgeable orthoptists, optometrists, and ophthalmic technicians, all working together to ensure the highest quality of care.

Our anaesthetists are available for each major surgical procedure and are closely involved with patient care ensuring a confortable experience. 

The practice offers the full range of ophthalmology and in addition has doctors who have deep “sub-specialist” knowledge of key areas.  If you are concerned in any way about your vision or eye health, please make an appointment to see us.