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Are there any restrictions after surgery?

The benefits to modern surgical methods are that recovery is quick and you may resume near-normal activities almost immediately. You will be given eye drops to use, usually for 4 weeks and these are important. You may need to arrange for someone to put in your eye drops – though most people manage this themselves. The only restrictions that you must observe are:

In the first 24 hours:
• do not drive or operate heavy machinery
• do not make important decisions or sign legal documents
• do not drink alcohol

In the first week after surgery:
• do not rub or press on your eye
• do not jar or stress the eye

In the first two weeks after surgery:
• do not go swimming

It will take several months for your eye to fully heal, but do not be afraid to resume normal behaviour such as bending over, watching tv or reading, working in the garden or taking showers and shampooing your hair, unless otherwise advised.

Will I need an appointment to see the doctor after surgery?

One of our staff will often call you that night to see how you are doing. The doctor may want to see you the next day after surgery for a quick check-up and then again one week later. We care deeply about your well-being and may ask to see you again a month after surgery to ensure you are satisfied with the result and there are no complications.